“ I had such an amazing experience working with Carolyn. Our sessions were productive, and all of the supplemental materials were well thought out and relevant to my goals. She really helped me dig deep to discover the root of my conflicts, and connected with me in a way that made it easy for me to be vulnerable and trust the process when necessary. I gained confidence in my personal decisions and in my career as a result of our work together. I would recommend life coaching, and especially Carolyn, to anybody looking for an extra push toward reaching their goals!” -Janelle 

“One of the challenges I had before working with Carolyn was feeling uncomfortable being alone, having insecurities going anywhere alone, just not enjoying my time when I was alone. I was always needing and wanting someone else to do something, anything with. I never did anything alone, so I would miss out on things if I didn’t have a friend to go with me anywhere, like go out to eat, travel, and/or shopping, literally like every day simple things. I did not like being alone. My Aha moment would have been the day I came back from my solo trip in Tahoe. The same day I came back, I was hungry and decided to go take myself out to eat. I didn’t even think about it. I just went to the restaurant I was craving and dined in. I didn’t need to invite a friend and didn’t even think about take out. I walked in, asked for a table for 1 and dined in, like I have been doing it for years all ALONE!! That was my Aha moment. I thought “who am I?” It was a great feeling to be able to enjoy my own company and be alone because it was a choice. It was my choice! I just want to say that Carolyn is a great, genuine life coach and I valued the time we spent together in our sessions and the progress she helped me make in my life. I honestly don’t think I would have made a solo trip it if wasn’t for her positive outlook on life, guidance, and encouragement. The time set aside for the sessions is 100% for you! It is your time. 10 out of 5 stars recommend!! If one is on the fence about life coaching, DO IT! Make a decision for YOURSELF!” -Oscar 

“My life coaching sessions with Carolyn continue to make a significant and positive difference in all areas of my life, especially in my new role at (work).  Carolyn has helped me to better understand and connect to the culture (at work), define my role as a leader and most importantly, she continues to help me to realize the full potential of my contributions inside and outside of the organization.   Each week, Carolyn creates a safe space for me to explore my emotions and grow in self-awareness.  Through Carolyn’s gentle guidance and continuous validation, I’ve been able to identify specific patterns of thought and understand the WHY behind them. Carolyn has helped me to identify my strengths and find creative ways to build upon them.  As a result of our sessions, I am setting better boundaries and I feel more empowered each week to make choices that bring more JOY, more CONTROL, and more PEACE into my life and into the lives of others.” -Bernadette

“My experience with Carolyn was a huge success! She brings a calmness and focus to every session that had a huge influence on the way I approached my goals. She helped me find clarity in the areas I wanted to work on and really guided me in finding strategies to feel empowered. When you work with Carolyn, you know you have her support and guidance in whatever area you want to succeed in. Above all, it is Carolyn’s ability to connect that really kept me engaged and excited about moving forward. She is great at understanding the whole person and brings great communication and professionalism in keeping me accountable! If you want or need a safe space and support to overcome your hurdles, Carolyn is the coach for you.” – Jamie K.

“After meeting with Carolyn for the last 2 months, the one on one’s have really helped me grow as an individual.  I started out not realizing the importance of goals because in my personal life they were never followed through on and so for me, I felt they were a waste of time.  For reasons, that I gave up my personal goals to make others happy, because it was easier for me to take the back seat to my happiness and goals than it was to follow through with them.  After the first month of meeting with Carolyn, I have a new perspective on goals and why I need to set them for myself and others.  I am doing more for myself in the way that I handle day to day decision making and choices that affect me. Which in return affects my why, and why I am doing everything for.   This has even carried over into my professional role here at (work). I am more confident with conversations I am having with others.  I am able to voice my questions and concerns for my team and myself.  I am even able to see goals that I have put in place for my team in a different angle, having regular one on ones, being more confident to comments and concerns they are bringing to my attention. I am able to ask more probing questions and have the confidence to do so.  I am very thankful for this opportunity to have Carolyn as a Life Coach. It really is an amazing opportunity for the employees (at work).” – Brian 

“Working with Carolyn over the course of four months helped me dig into & really figure out the next big steps to take in my business, and to make real actionable progress. My favorite thing about working with Carolyn is her kind attitude, which somehow helps me believe in myself, which allows me to step forward and do what I want to do. I really liked looking back on my progress after working with Carolyn for four months. Comparing across this time, I got to see how much I had grown and stepped into the person I want to be.” – Robyn