Hello there! I’m Carolyn Schaeffer, and I’m truly grateful you’ve stopped by to explore this space with me.

I have a passion for dreaming, a love I discovered after learning to appreciate and love myself. A decade ago, my life was clouded by negativity and self-loathing. As a mother and wife, I felt like a burden to my family.

In the midst of this darkness while living in China, a dear soul reached out to me and opened my mind to believing that I had the power to change my perspective. She introduced me to meditation, sparking my transformative journey toward self-love and personal growth.  She encouraged me to just do one thing each day to help myself feel a little better. She became my best friend and technically my Life Coach. 

I am so grateful for learning to love myself and to live intentionally aligned with my true self.  Living my truth led me to become a Life Coach- my way of bringing the power of self-love, positivity, encouragement, and belief in oneself to others. 

Trained at the Institute of Life Coach Training (ILCT), an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited program, I’ve had the honor of walking alongside numerous individuals on transformative journeys to more self-love, joy, and peace.

Originally from the Land of Oz (Kansas), I’ve called Singapore, China, and Australia home. I’m a mother of two and am based in Omaha, NE, with my partner Ashlee and cat Sissy. Together, we share a love for lattes, craft cocktails, and global adventures.

I’m here to be your support on the journey to self-love and creating a life aligned with your true self and dreams. Let’s embark on this transformative adventure together.

Love Yourself. Love Your Life!

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